Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farewell Gourmet!

I am writing today to express my complete sadness, not over the loss of a person, but over the loss of a truly great magazine. When I heard the news that Gourmet had shut their doors, it seemed the only person I could truly relate with was my mom. We have such a connection when it comes to food and Gourmet was one of those connections. The two magazines my mom read when I was young was Gourmet and Sunset. Gourmet was no ordinary magazine, this was "THE" food magazine that carried us along through good times and bad. This was the epitome of real cooking and not just the recipes, the fabulous writing, articles, travel... This is an era that I will never forget and I will hang onto every Gourmet magazine that I own. It will become a reference guide, a treasure, a great resource and an old friend.

We will miss Ruth Reichl, and everyone who contributed to make this magazine
such a success over the years!

Thank you Gourmet for a lifetime of amazing recipes and stories!

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